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No one on adwords support team can help me pass the billing problem.

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Hello all.

I create an adwords account an face the most popular problem in adwords community.

Your Google AdWords account has been suspended because your billing information in this or a related account could not be verified.


I try to reach support via email. All they reply is "While reviewing your account, we found violations of our AdWords policies in this or a related account. As a result, your account has unfortunately been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on Google."


I fill out the appeal form and contact adwords support multiple time. In appeal form they ask me the last time that my credit card get charged from adwords. This is the brand new, first account of me. Where I can get last payment to adwords?


During the appeal time, I read adwords community and see so many people suffer this "suspend due to billing information can not verify".  Some expert post an advise that the credit card billing detail must mach at the bank.


I strongly believe that so many people like me use accurate billing detail and still get suspended from adwords billing team.


So I call my bank ask for any transaction from adwords?

No, nothing from adwords.


Some expert said maybe coupon code is the problem to get banned.

No, I don't use coupon code. I don't have one. Smiley Mad


The annoying question come again...


What exactly this billing verification is? How to pass this review?

No phone call from adwords, no transaction from adwords, no support can clarify this problem.

And last thing,

What I have to do to pass this billing problem? Smiley Frustrated


Re: No one on adwords support team can help me pass the billing proble

Community Manager
# 2
Community Manager

Hi there,

I've escalated your issue to a billing support specialist. You should hear an update soon.

Thanks for your patience,

Re: No one on adwords support team can help me pass the billing proble

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Hi Mini,


I am experiencing a very similar problem to this member with my AdWords account and have so far been unsucesfully getting any help from anyone at AdWords.


I have also resorted to creating a post on the AdWords communty discussion forum's in hope of getting some assistance.


If you could assist in having our issue escalated to a billing support specialist it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You



Re: No one on adwords support team can help me pass the billing proble

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Hi Mini

Thank you for your help.

I still keep hearing from you. The red message of "can not verified billing information" still there.


Today I call my bank. They said no transaction from adwords and confirm my credit is active with no holding balance.


Hope to see someone on support team approve my billing as valid.


Thank you.