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No Other Option

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I am not getting more earnings on my account as i have been receiving views on my videos but there is a small issue that they are not accumulating and i havent recieved any letter from google for which i need to type in to get my earnings!!


Also i want to be able to use those earnings directly by directly debiting my balance from my earnings!!


Please help as i am stuck with a low number of views and i already have around 30 videos!!

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Re: No Other Option

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Gurvansh


If you're struggling with conversions with your AdWords for Video ads, you might want to try experimenting with your call to action in your ads. As people are seeing your ads but not performing the action you want them to, it might be useful to see if you can tweak the ads to try and improve them a little, and changing your call to action could help here. 


Having compelling content is crucial and getting across your message quickly to your customers is also going to be important as users can stop watching video content quite quickly. 


You might also want to check your targeting settings in your account to make sure that your ad has showed in relevant places. Checking the topics etc that you've chosen to make sure that they're relevant might be able to help here. 


Hope this is useful!




Re: No Other Option

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Dear AdSense Team,

What about my earnings accumulation?

There has been no more earnings accumulated and for releasing the payment i
have not yet received the letter which would provide me with the PIN.

Please send it to the address below:

Plot 25,
Sweety Bunglow, Road 11,
Vithal Nagar Society, JVPD Scheme, Juhu,
Mumbai-400049, India.

Thanking You,
Gurvansh Chandok

Re: No Other Option

Google Employee
# 4
Google Employee

Hi Gurvansh, 


Thanks for clarifying the situation a little further. You've posted your query in the AdWords Community, but I think the AdSense Forum might be able to help you much more. 


Please ask your question in the AdSense Forum, as the Top Contributors there will be able to help you out! 


Also, please edit your last post to remove the personal details you provided, as it's never a good idea to post your personal details on an open Community forum like this. 


Hope this will help you!