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New Billing Profile's causing issues?

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Has anybody else been having issues with half your accounts billing profiles upgraded and half not?


Initially I was having issues where I could not add new Budget Orders (I still can't a week later with no feedback) as the "Add New Order" button flashed up for a split second and then disappeared on not-upgraded accounts.


However more frustratingly, this week I have been trying to switch invoicing for a new client from the incumbant agency. The previous, fairly pain free, process of doing this is no longer an option. The "Change Who Pays" process where you can request a start date to switch from one agency credit line to another is not an option and I get an error message.


Instead I have been trying to manage this switch on email with Google, which in the past has been a very quick process.


I believe I am now being fobbed off with answers because the account in questions is not upgraded and the billing team actually don't have the ability to make the change as the billing profile stands.


I see this as no coincidence that the options to choose to speak to a billing representative, or indeed approval team etc, has been removed in the last 2 weeks?


Anybody else got suspicions they are actually experiencing billing profile issues?





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Re: New Billing Profile's causing issues?

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Ben,


Thanks so much for your feedback. I think that this will be difficult to diagnose without seeing your account. I will refer this post to our support team and they can help you with this problem.