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okay, so i am just wondering if i am gonna be charged alot of money if i join adwords? explain to me how this works

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Hello Anthony,


Adwords is an advertising platform of Google where the advertisers bid in an auction model and compete with each other in serving their ads online. Please note that you are only charged when someone clicks your ad.


It totally depends upon you how much budget you are comfortable with and then based on your potential spend, you can explore different options available in Adwords.


I would encourage you to read this below PDF to get an overview of what Adwords is:


Happy Reading!


Re: Needing Help

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Hi Anthony,

First i would like to inform you that there is no any charge for creating Adwords Account, its totaly free of cost. You just login with our Gmail Account if you have or just create new google account and create your first campaign.

As Pankaj Explain very clear about Adwords, it is just advertising platform of Google. You only pay when someone click on your Ads. Here i have shared one link for your kind reference.

It will help you to know about basics of Adwords and make you clear a lot of things which will surely guide you to create your first campaign.

Regarding how Adwords Works, its so simple . Lets suppose you just sell something over Internet, then Google Adwords gives you platform to sell things over Internet. For this, You just setup account, setting like yours targeted location, budget, Camapign (Search/Display/Search & Display),language. After this you just create your Ads and add relevant keywords and after adding the billing details, your's Ads will run and when any user/buyer searches which is related to your services in that particulr tageted area and some one clicks on your Ads then you just pay according to that particular keywords Bid (price for each click). So its really very much simle.

Kindly read shared link . Hope this will help you more.