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My campaign & billing section are saying 2 very different things

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I have only been doing this for 2 days.


So I have a lot of issues that need to be resolved.


First off yesterday(my first day) I signed up and I was #1 on the search results.

This morning I was still #1.


Then tonight I am nowhere to be found.

Not on any pages much less the first result.


I go to my campaign section and I only had a few little hits.


Then I go to the billing section and it shows I had a lot of hits.

So many hits that I went over my budget and knocked me out of the rankings completely.


Why is the campaign section and the billing section so different?


All this time I thought I was not getting many hits because I was viewing the campaign section.


Then I fall completely off the list after being #1 only to find out it was due to me going over my daily budget.


Whats the deal?

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Re: My campaign & billing section are saying 2 very different thin

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Jeremy,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! 


You mentioned that you are not seeing your ad as frequently as you were. This can be explained by how the AdWords system works. We do not recommend searching for your own ad on because if you see your ad a few times on Google without clicking on it, the system will stop showing your ad to you (as it thinks you are not interested in the ad), but will still be showing it to other interested users. The best way to check if your ads are showing or not would be to use the Ad Preview Tool in your account, as this will tell you whether your ad is running or not without being affected by your previous search history. 


In terms of your question about the differences between the Campaigns tab and Billing tab, I would make sure that you are looking at the right date range on the Campaigns tab. This box in the top right hand corner will make sure you are looking at the same date range as your Billing tab. Also bear in mind that it may take a few days for the tabs in your account to fully update as the data in your AdWords account is not real time. 


Hope this helps.