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My ad was WAY overserved - can I get charged for this?

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I have a tiny tiny YouTube channel and heard that putting up a cheap ad would help a bit. So I set up an ad campaign for one of my videos for a total of $5.00, which budgeted .36 per day. The first day (yesterday) generated over 50k impressions and supposedly cost over $270.. I've paused the ad and sent an email to support as it's sunday and I can't reach them immediately, but will they try to bill me for that amount? I'm also worried that this amount of OVER exposure would actually hurt my channel quite a bit. Any idea what the AdWords support team will do about this?

Re: My ad was WAY overserved - can I get charged for this?

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Hi Joel,


Welcome to the AdWords Community. From your question, I see your ad has been over-delivered. I suggest you to read about Overdelivery here.


If the monthly budget you have set is $5 only, according to AdWords your cost can go up to Average number of days in a month multiplied by average daily budget. So, if Google has over-delivered your ads, a overdelivery credit will be applied to your account. Read more about Overdelivery here.



Shafi Ahamed