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My account suspended

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hey ..


i have account adwords .. it's working aftar 3 years ago .. this is suspended from 1 year because no verification of billing information...

i changed my visa information .. and i emailed support

what i can do next step to working my acount 

my account still suspended Smiley Sad


plz help me 

Re: My account suspended

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Thanks for reaching out.

I've passed along to one of our specialists so they can take a look at your account and provide more specific information. They'll be reaching out via email.

hi .. this is adwords reply     Thank you for your chest...

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hi .. this is adwords reply



Thank you for your chest that I made for the duration of this process. I came back specialists review your accounts and acknowledged that our true and final. As a result; your account has been suspended, and any related accounts have created. The following steps - The support team can not provide any additional information regarding this matter. - Please refrain from creating other accounts in AdWords; where he also will be suspended.


what i can do now? .. plz help me Smiley Sad

Re: hi .. this is adwords reply     Thank you for your chest

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Community Manager
Hi there,

It could very well be the case that the account suspension is final. But you can always reply on the email thread with the specialist to see if there's anything you can do to bring the account into compliance.