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My account is suspended for the third time after 4 successful payments

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My account has been suspended for third time after 4 successful payments!!! I am so much frustrated with the email i have received from google which says it happened due to a system error at their end and they would require my bank statements to justify the payments in question. I am being treated like a con man here! I am completely fed up of the way you people are treating me. Why cant you people ask for proof of payments before suspending my account??? you just suddenly decide to do it with out a single intimation??? I am loosing my money my business my trust within my team just because your team take a 72 hours of convenient turn around time to release it??? And then the email i receive after sending the proof sayd " we have decided to send it to review" I feel as if its completely and all my fault that you people will have to sit and decide. How can i fix this permanently??? when will this end??? I want to know a way to stop this where I can establish smoother operation of my business. I have to write numerous mails to justify my stand when its an error at your end. Can somebody help me out please?  Customer Id: 780-494-4908

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Re: My account is suspended for the third time after 4 successful paym

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So what is the current status of the account? Suspended? Under review?

Please share website URL so we can have a look

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