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1.5K members online now
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My account has been suspended for unpaid invoices, what do I do?

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Community Manager

Re-activating an account suspended for unpaid invoices is a request that crops up with the Support Team frequently. However you can get your account back online as quickly as possible and avoid calling the Support Team (who cannot change the status of an account once it has been suspended for unpaid invoices) by following the steps below.


Firstly, please make the payment for any invoices that are due (as you normally would) and check to see if there are any older unpaid invoices in your account. When making the payment, ensure you reference the invoice numbers covered by the payment.


Once this has been done, you should contact the Collections Team directly to reactivate your account. When emailing the Collections team, please send a proof of payment for the paid invoices, your customer ID number, your billing ID number and invoice agreement name. The contact information for the Collections Team is as follows:

    • EMEA:

    • US:

    • LATAM:

    • APAC (China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan):

    • APAC (India, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia):

Once they receive your email, the Collections Team will review the proof of payment to determine if your AdWords account is eligible for reactivation. Reactivation can take approximately 24/48 hours.




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Re: My account has been suspended for unpaid invoices, what do I do?

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Community Manager
Hopefully this helps!

The AdWords Support team can help you identify the unpaid invoices in your account, but ultimately you will need to contact the Collections Team.