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My Client Center - How To Enter Promotional Code For Customers?

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Hello, I manage adwords accounts for a few customers. Some of them have received the get $100 with $25 spent offer but I'm unable to enter the codes under billing - this happens to either new or old accounts.

Re: My Client Center - How To Enter Promotional Code For Customers?

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Hello David,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


You want to apply the promotional credits to your child accounts. First thing, you need to ask the person with the admin access to the child account to add the code to the account. Please use this Link from Google, a great place to troubleshoot the promotional code issues. (it provides a step by step troubleshooting)


This Link will resolve your issue, if NOT then please contact Google AdWords Support, as they only can provide more information on the code, who can use it, and its requirements.( are your accounts eligible? or is the code expired? or you are meeting the criteria? or is it an AdWords Express coupon?)


Hope this Helps.


- Prashanth Reniguntala