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Moving country

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Dear All.


I been running my campaigns from UK for few years, but I have moved to Germany and would like to add my German bank / credit card details to my accounts. hence i do not need to send money from Germany to UK banks and then keep using the UK billing details to top up my adword accounts ; which will save me all the currency exchange and transfer commissions


q1) how do i add German billing details (euro) to the account created in UK ( pounds)


q2) would there be any negative issues for me to run the campaigns from Germany such as add ranking and all.


q3) easiest option is to close the UK account and start fresh again from Germany, but i will lose all the campaign history in my old account, will this affect my campaign and not deliver as good as the current uk one?


q4) if i call google. can they change the country and currency so that save me all the trouble of creating new accounts and losing business.


thank you for your help.




Re: Moving country

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Hi @dean .


The only way to change your payment and bid currency is to open a new account in the currency you need to change to.


If you are permanently in the Germany  I'd recommend opening a new account.


You will lose historical data and it will take a bit of time to build back up but you need to decide what's more important for you.


It's not the solution you were after, but they are the only 2 options. Leave it or open a new account.


However you can change your Country but not your currency.


I hope this helps.


Re: Moving country

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Hello Dean,


From the following answer I understand that you may have a chance to change your account's currency once if you call Google :


In here you can find the phone no.


Good luck !