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What does Monetization gotta do with getting pay on youtube?

What does googleAdwords gotta do with getting pay? 

What do I have to do? What are the steps? And where do I have to go on the website? 

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Re: Monetization

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Hi Eburgos305,


Welcome to the community!


I am not sure what you actually looking for. From your subject title "Monetization" I understand that you are interested in Adsense. This community is for Adwords, we share all about adwords here.


I would recommend you some of the links to check:


Getting Started With Adsense

Intro To Adwords


If you have questions related to Adwords please ask here, we would be more then happy to answer. If you are having questions for Adsense please post your question in adsense forum here.


Hope that helps!




Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Monetization

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Hey Eburgos305,


Do you want to advertise for a product/serbice etc on the internet? then AdWords is for you. This helps you advertise online and get leads/sales for your business.


I think You are talking about the Google AdSense program to monetize your website.

This help center should help:


Hope this helps!


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Re: Monetization

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Thanks Neha. <This content was removed by the Community Manager as per the Community Posting Guidelines.>