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Merge accounts?

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I have my main Google Places under account A.

Account A also has Google Adwords which is not being used. I tried deleting it too...


I have my main Google Adwords under account B. Account B also has Google Places

which are actively being used.

I want to use Google Places Adword Express for an Account under account A however it won't let me unless I create another Google Adwords account.


I can't merge because both accounts have Google Adwords. I tried deleting Google Adwords from Account B however it continues to tell me, "The Google Account "Account B" already has access to an AdWords account (Customer ID: )"



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Re: Merge accounts?

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What I understand from your post is that you want to create an Adwords Express account and use it.


Did you by chance tried using this link to create an Adwords express account?


Read this article for more details explaining how to use both products (Adwords and Adwords Express) together.


Let us know if that helps!