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Manual Payment Reference Number Chaos

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I am experiencing problems with generating reference numbers for manual payments.  It first started with only one account and this was the problem:

When I generated a reference number for ZAR 500.00, the billing information panel would display the correct number, but only ZAR 1.00.  After contacting the help desk, I was assured that as long as I use the correct ref. no. I can pay any amount and the correct amount would be credited to the account.  This solved my problem as the correct amounts were indeed processed.


However, I now have a new and probably more serious problem.  When I generate a ref no, the number is given without an amount AND no ref no is reflected in the transaction history panel.  I generated 7 numbers this morning and received only 2 email notifications.  The help desk confirmed that only 2 numbers were generated.


Is the any way to solve this problem?  I am reluctant to make payments with ref no's which can result in lost payments.

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July 2016

Re: Manual Payment Reference Number Chaos

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Hi Giel d,


Not sure why the other 5 reference numbers don't show up. However, using a credit card could be a great alternative in this case.


CC payments are almost instant unlike fund transfer and are hassle free. You also have the option to use automatic payments, which means you don't even have to initiate a payment. Google would charge the card at regular intervals, which could help ensure your ads don't stop because of insufficient funds. More info here.


Good luck,


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Manual Payment Reference Number Chaos

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Hi Sumanth,

Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately I can't use CC payments because these accounts are managed from my MCC. I have over 50 clients who are all very small businesses without credit cards. Sometimes their ads even stop because they do not have funds. Once funds become available, they make payments to start their ads again.

I have received this from the help desk:

The billing team have been able to confirm that the trouble you're experiencing is a recognised system issue.
I've asked them for a timeline on getting it fixed and whether or not there is a workaround.
I'll keep you updated.

Can you perhaps suggest a workaround?