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MDO Budget Report & Alerts

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Hello AdWordsers!


We run our account in a multi-level MCC with the accounts all running on the MDO billing. I have 2 questions about the billing -


1. Is there a report that we can export to Excel which lists what all the current MDOs are set at, including those in sub-MCCs?


2. Can we set up alert emails so that we are warned if an account is approaching it's MDO limit?


THe system seems to kind of do these things but not exactly as we'd like. For example you can export a report from the Budget tab of an MCC which has all the Budget amounts on it but only for the MCC you are currently viewing.


And the Adwords system does send out alerts when you approach your end date on a budget but doesn't seem to do it when you are about to hit the budget cap.


Any help greatly appreciated!


Many Thanks


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Re: MDO Budget Report & Alerts

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Thanks for your question about MDO billing. MDOs, MDS, MCCs - this reply contains lots of jargon. If you wish, you can see definitions of these various terms here.


1. Let me address your first question about reports. You can download a CSV file (which can be viewed in Excel) showing all your managed budgets (MDOs). To do this:


- Login to your MCC

- Under the "My Client Center" section, click the "Budget" tab

- You'll have a list of all your accounts, and columns showing the budget, the %spent of said budget, and the remaining budget

- You can download this information as a CSV by clicking the download button. This button is depicted by a downwards arrow pointing into a tray and should be just below the "Budget" tab


Unfortunately it isn't possible to include sub-MCCs in this report - you'll have to login to those accounts and download the report separately. I can certainly understand why you might wish to do this, and I've passed this on as a feature request to the relevant team.


2. Let me address your second question about email alerts.  


You can modify the billing alerts for each of your MCC child accounts by going to "My Account" then "Notification Settings".


Here you can opt to get email notifications about billing related matters for individual child accounts in your MCC, or for all your accounts. Keep in mind the notifications will be sent to the email address visible at the top of this settings page. 


The billing alerts do include notifications that your budget is approaching 100% spent, or its end date. Ensure you're opted in to the alerts as above if you're not getting these.

Re: MDO Budget Report & Alerts

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Re: MDO Budget Report & Alerts

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