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MCC account | Credit Card | Coupon Code

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hello friends,


I am not a member of Google Partner . but I want to use mcc and coupon for my customers.
While registering in mcc in the section: How will you primarily use this Adwords manager account? I have chosen : To manage other people's account for mcc.
In this case can I use my own credit cards and adwords coupons for my customers .... Or this is only for : To manage my accounts.

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Re: MCC account | Credit Card | Coupon Code

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Hi Hossein,

A manager account is an AdWords account that lets you easily view and manage multiple AdWords accounts -- including other manager accounts -- from a single location and single login.

The payment methods(cards) and the coupons are associated with the individual account within that manager account not to the manager adwords account.
Though you can use the same card(your own) to multiple accounts but you need to link that card for those accounts individually.

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Re: MCC account | Credit Card | Coupon Code

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Hello Hossein Y Smiley Happy


Welcome to the community.

You can use your own credit card but it's a risky move because if something happens, you might have to bear all the costs. Does your clients have any credit cards? You can use the coupons if they are brand new accounts. 

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck Smiley Happy