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MCC Whitelisting

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Hello AdWords Community!


I have a test MCC that I use for development/testing on the AdWords API, and I'm trying to create a test budget order for my MCC, but I'm getting the following error:

AdWordsAccountError: [NotWhitelistedError.CUSTOMER_NOT_WHITELISTED_FOR_API @ ; trigger:'Manager <MCC ID> is not whitelisted under RESELLER or AGENCY']

The description for this error on the AdWords documentation says: 'Customer is not whitelisted for new billing.'


Is there anyway I can whitelist my MCC so that I can test budget order creation?


Thank you!

Marc A.

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September 2015

Re: MCC Whitelisting

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Google Employee

Hi Marc,


Thanks so much for posting.

For whitelisting an account, you would need to speak with your Google Account Manager. He or she will be able to advocate for whitelisting your MCC account. 


Hope that helps. 

Re: MCC Whitelisting

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Hi Shanea,
I got the same problem and I don't know who is my Google Account Manager?
How can I contact to them to add my account to whitelist?