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Looking for unlisted currency

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I'm based in Bahrain. Currently there is no Bahraini Dinar in the currency options. I would like to know,


1.) Are you planning to include this currency soon? ( if yes, then perhaps I can wait before setting up my account)

2.) Also, if you will be at a later point of time, then can I change my account currency from USD to BHD once you introduce it, since it would be way more convenient that way.


I understand you already have UAE Dhirams and Saudi Riyals, Bahrain is a small market, however, the currency option would be very convenient.



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Re: Looking for unlisted currency

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Hi Intracity
As of now:

1.I do have any information neither think anybody else do perhaps of new currency (dinar) being inducted into the adwords system.

2. Once you set a currency, time zone and country in your Adwords account, these 3 cannot be changed ever. However, you can cancel your adwords account anytime and set up a new one with your preferred settings.

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Re: Looking for unlisted currency

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Hi Ajay,


It is just to modify your second statement.


  • Language can be changed.
  • Time zone can be changed but only once over the life of the account.
  • Though currency can not be changed.

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