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Late page updating?

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I didn't think that my ads were showing, because it said that I wasn't paying anything, and they didn't show up in the preview. The status box said my daily budget didn't allow anymore spending today, but it said I hadn't paid anything or gotten any clicks/impressions. I then shut down my ads for the night, and waited until the morning. When I went to sleep I thought that my ad had never run or gotten any clicks/impressions, because I didn't see it in the preview. When I checked my account in the morning it said I had spent 129$ on 90 clicks. Which was way out of my budget. This is a total misunderstanding. I don't have this kind of money. I can barely pay my bills, and I just thought that it would be cool to use adwords. If I had known I was paying 1.45$ per click and that I was actually getting clicks, I would have stopped my ad. Do I really have to pay this when I thought my ads weren't running? I am new to google adwords. I just didn't understand it that well, but I needed to use it to increase my income, but now I am not going to have enough money to fund my organization.

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September 2015

Re: Late page updating?

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Hi Nico,


I'm sorry to hear your ads were running though you weren't aware of this. Typically, ads will only run up to 20% what your daily budget is on any given day. This is called over delivery and is expected account behavior.



It looks like this is something which may be better for you to call our team of Online Specialist to take a look at directly as it's specific to your account. I would encourage you to contact us at 1-866-2-GOOGLE, and our team will be happy to see what occurred here.


Juliana S.