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Keywords added by Broad Match cost me $$

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My usual and expected cost is app $25.00/month. This month it's nearly 400% more and the billing cycle isn't half done.


The problem is keywords added by Broad Match without my knowledge. The keywords were generic (bellingham, Wa and Blaine, wa) and there's no way I would add keywords that generic for my plumbing company. Nor would I not capitalize a city or state.


I've talked to billing and Kris C, Senior Account Rep denied my claim saying that I added the keywords.


I'm at a loss now. I owe Google over $100.00 for something I didn't order, not to mention my unwillingness to even go to the Adwords site. I stopped the ads from running, too.


Is there anyone else besides Kris C that can help me?

Re: Keywords added by Broad Match cost me $$

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Hi Robert

The only safeguard to add to this in the future is to have a set budget so that more money cannot come out than you want.

Kind regards