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Just started my 1st ad and a bit confused/worried.

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I set a video ad to one of my videos and set the budget to the minimum $5.25. It says that this is for one week. Then I see that it makes my "daily budget" $.75.

So what does that mean? Is 75¢ deducted from my $5.25 every time someone clicks on my ad? 

And will I be charged MORE than $5.25 for any reason like auto-renewal? I saw that option in the payment screen but I went with Manual.

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September 2015

Re: Just started my 1st ad and a bit confused/worried.

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Hello artbum,


Welcome to the community.


The $0.75 daily budget means that you can receive clicks up until that total amount; so you could have three clicks costing $0.25 each for example and then your daily budget will be exhausted for the day. Your spend might go over your daily budget at times but AdWords will compensate for this over a montly schedule to ensure that you are back in balance to what you wanted to spend as a total, I would recommend checking out this link for more information.


Just as an additional note I would like to point out that you are looking to use an incredibly small budget and I'm concerned you aren't going to see any results from it. As I pointed you might only be able to afford three clicks on a daily budget of £0.75 for example, at least one of these would have to convert each day for you to see some sort of success (unless you are brand building) and anyone here can tell you that's no easy task.


Let us know if you have more questions!

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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