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Is there any way to find out the VAT ID without a tax advisor?

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I live in Romania and just started using AdWords. I completed every section of the account creation but one part, the one about the VAT ID. I tried to get it online from the European Commission's website but couldn't find any usefull information. 


So in the end I just selected the no VAT ID box and will now (probably) be taxed with the Ireland VAT. My problem is that if this will have any legal consequences or if in reality I should be paying more or less.

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September 2015

Re: Is there any way to find out the VAT ID without a tax advisor?

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Hi Radu,
If you're a business, you should have a VAT ID. You can get it off your accountant.
If you don't put it in, you'll be charged VAT at the Irish rate.

In some countries, you'll still be charged this VAT but you'll be able to reclaim it back off your tax man (the way we have to do it here in Ireland).

If this is a business expense, you're best bet is to ask your accountant for your VAT ID. If this is not a business expense, you pay VAT at the Irish rate.