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Is it possible to have "billing only" account access?

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Im a total MCC noob, so I might be asking something really obvious or dumb but...


Is it possible to


1) create accounts for customers where they see just the CC charges & see performance metrics? (i.e. cost/conversion, date, etc.)


2) automate sending reports via email?



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Re: Is it possible to have "billing only" account ac

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Hi Taewoo,
Welcome to the community.

No stupid questions and yours certainly are not.

The answers to your questions can be found in the help center. As a "noob", this will be your best friend while you're learning. There's even step by step guides in the help articles I've linked.


Hope that helps.

Re: Is it possible to have "billing only" account ac

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Hello Taewoo,


To add to the great advice from Dave Davis ,


1) The read only access level can browse pretty much everything in the account except when they try to change something like the MaxCPC bids they will see a message "Action not permitted" , so they will not be restricted just to viewing billing and performance metrics. What exactly don't you want them to see ?


2) Besides regular reports for each individual account you can also schedule reports at the MCC level from the menu "Client Reporting" , as in this linked print-screen (the forum picture upload function is currently not working)