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Is My Site Unsuspended or Not? Confused ...

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Help Guys!

My site was suspended several days ago - the reason stated was "billing verification". There's an earlier discussion on here that covered that (my last thread).

Well, before I was able to finish updating my site, yesterday my office received a call for me from someone at Google. I wasn't in and the office told them to call back at 6 PM. They never did.

However, this morning my AdWords screen looked like this:

The bar no longer says suspended.

However, a few moments later I uploaded a new, revised fully-functional content and landing page. Seconds later I refreshed my page and found this:

I am totally confused.

Is my site suspended or not?

The old red bar is gone, replaced by the "your ads are not running bar". But I now have this other notice.

At first I thought maybe the call to my office satisfied their "billing verification" needs, but now I have no idea.

This afternoon the page looks like this: . Red bar is gone - but ads still say "Site Suspended"

Help! & Thank You in Advance! :-)


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Re: Is My Site Unsuspended or Not? Confused ...

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Hugh D;

You are confusing us by  posting multiple times on the same topic.

I answered you on the first thread you opened;

Please post follow-ups in the original discussion.


Thank you

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Is My Site Unsuspended or Not? Confused ...

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Sorry for any confusion Moshe.


Actually I did post in the original thread early this morning, but there was no response or activity that I could tell, so I thought maybe people believed that was a settled matter and wouldn't be looking for my new post.


That's why I started a new thread.


Still no reply to my most recent question in the original post or here in this new thread.


I will not post here again (unless I get no answer in the other thread, of course).


FYI - I clicked the link you gave me before and requested a new review today.

Here I am just trying to understand what I was seeing on my page - thought someone here might have a quick answer? Maybe not.