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Invoice only available 25 days after the payment is taken

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Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to get an invoice when the payment is actually taken.


At the moment after the end of the month a payment notification is sent out and the payment is taken on the 5-7th of the new month for the previous month. The issue with this is that the invoice is not available to download until the end of the month, so we have to wait around 25 days to receive the invoice. This is both inconvenient and annoying as we have to keep this payment on account for the whole month and as soon as the invoice is finally available a new payment is taken.


Surely it would be better to have an invoice prepared when the payment is taken as it makes much better business sense.


We are in the UK and pay by direct payment taken from our account.


Help please!



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Re: Invoice only available 25 days after the payment is taken

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Hey RookB1,


As written in The AdWords Help Center:


"An invoice for a particular month is available after the first day of the following month"

"If your invoice isn't ready, but you've made payments, you can always print a payment receipt."


Would a receipt help you?






Re: Invoice only available 25 days after the payment is taken

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Hi Asaf


Thanks for your reply. I have seen that but unfortunately it doesn't help as it needs to be the official invoice for accounting purposes, especially as google for us is based in Ireland so a different EU country to us, which means we need to reverse charge the VAT.





Re: Invoice only available 25 days after the payment is taken

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Hi RookB1,


You can try onething more. There is monthly invoicing available inside Google Adwords. All you need to do is to contact Adwords support and request them for this particular feature. If found eligible, you might get the benefit of Monthly Invoicing.

Try that and let us know if that helps you or not.


Just a thought!


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Re: Invoice only available 25 days after the payment is taken

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Hi Pankaj


Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately I would need to have a spend of £15,000 over 3 months for this to be possible. spending less than this means we are no eligible for monthly invoicing


After looking at all the options I do have two solutions for this issue now actually, but neither is ideal:


1: Swith to manual payments - Not great as it means I need to keep making payments to have my ads running rather than automatic payments.


2: Bump up my ad budget so that my payments reach my automatic payment limit sooner and later in the month, then drop my budget back down so that payment is taken again at 30 days since my previous automatic payment.


Personally I'll most likely just switch to other online advertising methods as the ROI for my specific market seems quite limited with google adwords anyway and as a small business owner I don't need the extra hassle of strange payments sitting in my accounts.


Thanks for your help though guys.