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Invoice Amount and Actual Charge Amount Are Different

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We have noticed that the invoice I receive in my email is a different amount than the actual charge on our credit card.


Example - May 2014 Invoice Amount was $115.70


On our credit card, the amount charged was $120.28.


What is this difference and can we get an invoice with the actual charge amount?


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Re: Invoice Amount and Actual Charge Amount Are Different

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Hi Greg L,

I have removed your personal details (customer ID) from your post for your security. It is against our community guidelines to post personal information on the forum.

The charges on your credit card can often vary from your invoice as the invoice shows the costs incurred for the calendar month, while the charges made to your credit card are based on a threshold system (after X amount, or after 30 days) and do not respect calendar dates.

I cannot give you exact dates as to which these payments are reflective of, because I do not have access to your account, but if you call the AdWords support team they can give you a breakdown.