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Invalid clicks reporting

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We are having a problem with invalid clicks lately. I believe some of our competitors hired somebody or some service. I saw a lot requests from AWS, and all those are automated. For some days that was as hight as 50% for some of our campaigns.


I blocked the aws range on my server,  but quickly noticed that google adwords did not count all those clicks as INVALID, maybe 20% slipped trough. Some of those keywords are very expensive. Is there a way to block whole ip ranges on adwords.


How to contact google and make sure that all those are counted as invalid, what proof do i need ?


Also does bounce rate influence quality score. Because that could be one of the reasons why they do it.


Its a b2b business that does not see that many visitors per day. All those fake visits are not only influencing adwords, but analytics also.

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November 2016

Invalid clicks reporting

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In case you know about the IP addresses that are likely adding invalid clicks, you can exclude them. Use this document to add the IP exclusions:-


About the invalid clicks, Google does have sophisticated tools and techniques to handle that. In case if the invalid click activity happens and Google tracks it, the amount is automatically credited back to the advertiser's account. If you still believe that this activity is happening alot, you can report to AdWords support team using this form:-


Hope this helps!


Invalid clicks reporting

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The link for reporting is for adsense ? is there a link for adwords. Could i somehow export the list of invalid clicks.

The list for invalid clicks inside adwords and my own are not in sync.


Me blocking the ip addresses is not a viable model because they only have to change the ip.

Invalid clicks reporting

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Link for ADWORDS:

Here you can submit list of clicks.

Invalid clicks reporting

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The Help Desk by phone is limited to solving problems regarding service issues and other issues not related to platform malfunctioning, now in beta.


It turns out that the IP exclusion feature is not working correctly. Once the IPs are added to the AdWords system, they must be blocked immediately, regardless of why the account owner did so.

It may be due to improper clicks, suspicion of fraud, or even because you do not want a certain group of Ips to be blocked on suspicion of being possessed by some spirit of low light ... No matter, it has to be blocked. Even if Google needs to do a thorough review later for some operational reason. I do not understand why Google did not allow the IPs that caused the clicks to be shown in the User Administrative Platform.

The justification is that this information would be disrespecting the visitor's privacy. If this were true, there would not be services like AWSTATS and WEBALIZER that daily report the registration of all IPs that accessed the website.


In addition, there is still another very serious fault. The number of IP's that can be included in the "IP exclusion" field is limited. That is, it is not possible to block a particular country that is often used for proxy attacks and it will not source customers for the advertised business (example: Business is tire repair and the clicks are coming from Russia) as there is no any interest in these clicks, it should be possible to include the entire range of IPs in that country, but the platform returns error, claiming many entries in the campaign.


Therefore, I consider this system quite dubious when its good faith and honesty of procedures. Let's see:


- The system does not block all IPs informed;
- The system does not allow the IPs to be blocked;
- The system limits the amount of IPs added for blocking.


All this puts the fraudster at an advantage over the user and lets Google, in addition to increasing his profits from invalid clicks, not return the real value generated by the frauds.