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Invalid Clicks

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I have been charged for clicks but I dont see them listed in my Keywords or in my Display Network Placements, and think these are invalid.  What is the next step to resolve this?



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September 2015

Re: Invalid Clicks

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Hello SteveGiovinco; Welcome to our community; 

Wait 24 hours for all data sources and reports to be updated .

If then, there still are discrepancies, follow the instructions on the invalid clicks troubleshooter:




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Re: Invalid Clicks

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What about the ads tab? It's the ads the user clicks on - Do the ad tab totals match the campaign totals, post 48hrs.?


Are these numbers for the all total - Search, display, paused and deleted for the date range? Sometimes I get confused as to which of the total lines is the real total, for everything. Smiley Happy