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Invalid Clicks & Credit

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Today, I tought to check the invalid clicks & credit adjustment for it in last month- August 2012. Below is what I got it for an account

Date-  1 Aug - 31 aug 2012

Total Campaign- 4

Avg. CPC-  SGD 1.78 

Total Invalid Clicks-  98



8/2/2012 Adjustment - Click Quality 1.83
8/25/2012 Adjustment - Click Quality 0.29
8/27/2012 Adjustment - Click Quality 0.05
8/31/2012 Adjustment - Click Quality 1.04

Total= SGD 3.28


If I compare then the adjustment is negligible to cost of invalid clicks. Also, I notice that Adword charge even for invalid clicks for example, yesterday, a campaing has 10 clicks @ cpc of 0.86. so total cost= 8.60 and it has 5 invalid clicks showing. It means it has not dicounted the invalid click in yesterday cost. It means the data showing on billing information is the only source to calculate invalide clicks adjustment.


I am not sure if I am reading the data in right way, may be I am missing something. So, please let me know how do I match these cost & adjustment for invalid clicks.


Thank you



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September 2015

Re: Invalid Clicks & Credit

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Hi Anil_Singh,


The invalid clicks you can see when you view them in the user interface invalid clicks column were already filtered out before any charges to your account. 


The additional adjustments in the billing are credits after further click investigation by Google that are found to be invalid.


You can read up about it at "how does google detect invalid clicks?" to get more info 


"In addition to our automated click protection techniques, we have a team that uses specialized tools and techniques to examine individual instances of invalid clicks. When our system detects potentially invalid clicks, a member of this team examines the affected account to glean important data about the source of the potentially invalid clicks.

One of the goals of our team is to make invalid activity very difficult and unrewarding for unethical users, thereby decreasing their chance of success. Additionally, if we find that invalid clicks have been charged in the past two months, we'll credit advertisers' accounts."

Re: Invalid Clicks & Credit

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Yeah.. You are right, I think I got confused with it.