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Invalid Activity Credit

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I have a few questions regarding credits for invalid activity - the green highlighted amount below your budget order. 


  • Are these credits reallocated to the existing or the next month’s budget?
  • I understand the amount in the “spend” column is different from the actual amount we’re invoiced. So when re-calculating our daily budget mid of the month, should we consider the “spend” amount? Wonder if it includes the invalid activity credits mid of the month which might affect our daily budget re-calculation.
  • One of my client's account has $1,090.61 invalid activity credit. This is truly alarming! A Google AdWords specialist suggested we track IP address that contribute to these invalid activity and block them moving forward. Do you any suggestions on which software to use?  
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Re: Invalid Activity Credit

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HI @admin a,


I would agree that $1,090.61 of invalid activity is shocking, but it would depend on industry, size of spend level, and whether it is occurring every month or a one time issue. 


The invalid activity is charged back as it is assigned in the billings section of Google Adwords. You ending balance accounts for all charges and credits in real time, so you can calculate any date range and the ending balance for that period takes everything into account, and gives you an accurate total. Just think of the invalid activity credits as charge backs... the spend goes back into the account as a credit.


Credits-less-Debits+plus+Invalid Credits=Current Balance for any period. 


It is no longer advisable to block IP addresses unless you are absolute certain about them, and even then... I would cautious against it as only a static IP address could be blocked but if they are using a dynamic IP address, you will be blocking random, innocent traffic that would normally be potential, future customers. A dynamic address from a cable/broadband service provider could get passed around to many different households many times per week so blocking it would be bad.


If I was to block a IP address, I would use Google Analytics and Website Server/Hosting logs to better understand the offender, and I would research the IP address to verify more about them and if I really wanted to block them, I would use this Google Adwords Help File to do so. This would block them from your ads... and if I wanted to block them from accessing my entire website, I would use a server/hosting feature called IP Exclusions, which is really easy to use. CPanel makes this super easy. Please note that these two techniques are quite different but both block IP addresses. For your specific situation, you would only want to follow the Google Adwords Help File.    


Hope this helps. Have a great weekend!


- James

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