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International charge

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My company is in the US and we pay with US bank card but I still get international charge. Why is that? The account was created by our out-source employee in Vietnam and in the billing profile it show the country is Vietnam. Is this the reason why we get this international charge? We want to change the country to US but there's no tool to do that. Please help.

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Re: International charge

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Hi Sheila,

What's the selected currency in your AdWords account?

If your account currency is Vietnamese Dong and you are paying with a credit card in USD, your bank or financial institution may charge you in addition for this.

Remember, Google charges you only for AdWords activity (like clicks) and nothing in addition.

Unfortunately, currency of your AdWords account cannot be changed as it is a one time set up. I'd suggest contacting your CC company and see if they can cancel this additional charge or using a credit card that doesn't charge extra for international payments.

As a permanent resolution, you can create another account (if you haven't been using this account for long) with USD currency. However, this is not suggested, as account performance and history would be lost and you'll have to start optimising campaigns from the scratch.

Hope that helps!

Sumanth Sridhar