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Increasing Billing Threshold Beyond 500 USD

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Hello everybody,


I know that:


"The billing threshold is raised each time your account spend hits the threshold before 30 days have ended. The initial billing threshold of US$50 is first raised to US$200, then to US$350, and then to the final amount of US$500."


But the final 500 USD is still very low for accounts with hundred thousand dollars monthly budget. Is there a way to increase the billing Threshold beyond 500?

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September 2015

Re: Increasing Billing Threshold Beyond 500 USD

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Remus,


You have a very valid point there and there are options to address your concern. For a billing threshold increase request, you should contact AdWords Support directly via this form. Our specialists will review the eligibility of your account and determine if they're able to increase the threshold of your account. Since this is specific to each account and will require details such as your customer ID etc. (which should not be shared publicly), we recommend calling or emailing us.


Additionally, since you mentioned a spend of over a hundred thousand dollars in the account, you might also want to inquire with support whether you're eligible for invoicing. With this option (if eligible), you are sent an invoice of your costs at the end of the month, which you can pay by bank/wire transfer. The article provided lists a few eligibility criteria as well. Please do explore these options. Smiley Happy


Have a great day!



Re: Increasing Billing Threshold Beyond 500 USD

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Thank you. It will help a lot! Smiley Happy