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Incomplete Monthly Invoice after balance move to new billing system.

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I have to register latest invoice in accounting, but seems like after move to new billing system Invoice are a bit incomplete.


Invoices for August and September "Record of Costs and VAT" now starts with payment of the amount minus balance used in previous month.

This leads to situation that amount paid from latest payment until last day of month doesn't appear in invoice.

Amount marked in red, should be 4000 NOK as it was before.


For example, below is one of the latest invoices.


Date Description Amount

08-Sep-2016Automatic payment: −NOK4,000.00
25-Sep-2016Automatic payment: −NOK4,000.00
Record of Costs and VAT

Date Description Cost VAT (0%): Total

09-Sep-2016Google AdWords cost (prepayment)NOK2,137.78NOK0.00NOK2,137.78
25-Sep-2016Google AdWords cost (prepayment)NOK4,000.00NOK0.00NOK4,000.00
 TotalsNOK6,137.78NOK0.00 €0.00NOK6,137.78
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Incomplete Monthly Invoice after balance move to new billing system.

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Community Manager

Hi Dmitry,


Thanks for posting to the Community. Since this is an account-specific issue, please contact the AdWords Team directly via phone, email, chat, or social media so that they can look into the account with you and update the invoice if needed.