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Inactive because billing informations are missing

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Im getting this alert

This account isn't active because its billing information is missing. To activate this account and start running its ads, enter your billing information


but billing informations are already saved. I choose manual payments and add coupon. I also add credit card info for sure, but account is still inactive.


Can you help me please?

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Re: Inactive because billing informations are missing

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Is your primary billing information a bank account?  This can take time to authorize and may delay the start of your campaings.


Do you have any updates on your status today?




Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Inactive because billing informations are missing

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Hi Luboslahky, 


Thanks for the question.  If an account is on manual payments and you enter a valid coupon code, then the ads should be allowed to serve. 


Here are a couple of trouble-shooting recommendations that I can suggest: 

1. If your primary form of payment is a direct debit bank account, I would suggest completing the verification procedures. 

2. If you have added a credit card, I would suggest distinguishing that form of payment as either the primay or the backup.  This article will walk you through making this change:


If the ads are still not serving, please call into 866-2Google as one cannot troubleshoot further or isolate the exact issue without looking into account specifics.