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I will not ask again for support here

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Your "Support People" told me I am Stupid and I am sending False Information to Google - because I had one of my settings wrong - hence the reason why I was seeking support.

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August 2016

Re: I will not ask again for support here

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Hi Marius,

I am sorry you have had a bad experience in the forum. A friendly and polite voice has always been a requirement here and we of course try to maintain good standards all the time.

You joined the forum on Aug 15 and posted a hamper related question on the same day. Top Contributors Helmut and Tim did their best to explain you how and why you were in violation of GMB guidelines. In the heat of the debate Helmut said you had been "sending such false signals to Google" which is perhaps not a polite expression, however, I would not say it was anything close to verbal abuse. As a matter of fact, you unintentionally provided incorrect data to the system. No one used the term "stupid".

I do hope your experience will improve in the near future.


I will not ask again for support here

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And you want to say???

Why do you repeat the sort of incidents? Do you have to do that for your cedits to become or maintain "top contributor" status?

How much do you get paid by Google to cut-and-paste historical info?