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I want to set a manual max payment

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I want to set a manual max payment - not allow Google to top up automatically (which has major potential for causing budget problems and is a disincentive to use Adwords.)

How do I do this?

Re: I want to set a manual max payment

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Hi there,

You can do this within you account either at keyword level on individual keywords.

You must ensure that within the campaign settings you have selected manual bidding rather than automatic bidding.

Automatic bidding will allow Google to alter your bids to achieve the maximum clicks. You can still control your maximum CPC though.

If you choose to control your entire account manually then you can set a maximum CPC for each keyword.

You must ensure you set an achievable bid whilst remaining within your daily budget. Too low a bid may not achieve an impression or click, too high a CPC may run out your daily budget too soon.

This link should hopefully assist you in this matter