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I suspended my adwords account

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I suspended my adword account but it did not stop all my accounts.  I thought I had just one account but had a new one for one month.  It charged me over 400 and I did not get one hit.  I would like to pay for both accounts up to the day I paused it.  This is the umteenth time I have sent this.  Charge me for what I used.  By the way, I did not get any hits off my other adwords account.

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Re: I suspended my adwords account

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Hello Richard S,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


You came up with so many questions here Smiley Happy . Never mind, I will be answering them one by one. 


You said - I suspended my adword account but it did not stop all my accounts.

My answer - Quite obviously, it will not stop all accounts, because every account has a different billing profile and unique account. If you own more than one account (which you should strictly not, if it is for the same business), you need to cancel accounts individually. 


It charged me over 400 and I did not get one hit. 

My answer - Did you use CPM based campaigns? If yes, you are charged for impression in this method, not for clicks. If it was not CPM based and you were still charged without a click, are you sure this payment was for AdWords only? The possibility is, you might have used any other paid-services from Google. 


You can refer to the links below to make sure this payment was for AdWords -


Does it confirm that the payment was for AdWords only?

If yes, please check if you have any other AdWords account. You already had two.


If you are confident you have no other account, I would advise you to please contact AdWords Phone Support. 


Note- This reply is not an official reply from AdWords.



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Re: I suspended my adwords account

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Yes I had two accounts for the same business. I did not know they were different due to the cute name for both of them. You are correct, I should not have had two of them, I did not know thery were different and put the same ads on both. I hadd the expensive one for one month and cancelled it 1/2 through. So, in english and slow. I had two accouns one for one month. I lmade a mistake. I thought the company I had for years was better than they were. I suppose I expected a "do you want to suspend all your accounts?' and that would had alerted be to the rules for the one account I had for less than a month and did not work any better than the other one.