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I sent 2 questions Mon, 2/17via your billing email. Only 1 answered

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I sent 2 questions Monday 2/17/13.  Nandita answered only the 1st question.  The Important question remains unanwered.  My account is Customer ID:266-472-6998.  Back on 1/23 I deleted the wedding ad on my campaign #7.  I also paused the keywords multiple times but received an error message that Google AdWords was experiencing a problem and Please try again.  After a few more attempts the message stopped appearing.  When I reviewed my bill I noticed $91.20 for this deleted ad.  I also noticed that the paused keywords had been unpaused (not by me).  We temporarily do not do weddings except for elopements.  I'm not sure how AdWords made such an error, but I'm sure ethics will lead to a refund to my credit card  Please do this ASAP and review my monthly billing since my account's forecasted blling is skewed.  Thank you.  Call if you need to discuss.  985-863-9981

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Re: I sent 2 questions Mon, 2/17via your billing email. Only 1 answer

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Hi tfotsch


If you've in touch with the AdWords support, please, reply back on the same email to ask the AdWords support representative for more information or an update on your case. 


IMPORTANT: In order to protect your AdWords privacy, I advise you to remove your CID and your email address from the post. All you need to do is to click the Options button and select Edit post.


Thank you!