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I need urgent help: regarding MCC account suspension

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Hello Experts, 


I need urgent help. I had 5-6 years old adwords suspended account. I sent the email to support to un-suspend my account(becoz 5-6 years back I was unaware about adwords). And luckily they unsuspend my account. 


After that I sent request to them to convert this account into MCC. They did it for me. 


I added 4 campaigns to it by adding new account from MCC with my billing info. Account was running successfully. But after few days my all accounts were suspended one by one. My ads topic was accommodation, tourism. But my all accounts suspended. Yesterday, I talked to the support & they told me I should create new account. So, I did. Run the new campaign with fresh domain, fresh hosting & fresh content. Campaign was related to tourism. I shown the site to support guy. He said site is ok. Np. 


I deposited Rs.1000 to my account & run the campaign. Ad was run successfully for one day. I added Rs.2000 value coupon to it after spending of Rs.250. Now, account is suspended again with these 2 messages: 


We've identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts. To help prevent any unauthorized activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts.


I can give the proof that payment has been done from my account i.e. Bank statement/passport etc.


Your account is suspended - We've had to suspend your AdWords account because it contains major or repeated violations of our advertising policies.


Can proof site, domain & hosting is fresh & never been advertised before on any ad channel. 


I want to know where I am wrong? Does I can't use any promotional code? Please, guide expert members & support members. 


I am fed up. If Google need any proof .. I can provide everything. My identity info etc etc


Thanks in Advance.


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Re: I need urgent help: regarding MCC account suspension

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Hi there;
A clarifying question: Did support allow you to open a new account WITHOUT fixing the old one? - This sounds a bit strange...
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: I need urgent help: regarding MCC account suspension

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Thats why I asked always.. Indian Adwords Support team is Du-bo. They don't know much about Adwords rules & regulation. They always says we will forward this matter to our specialists . After that bot answer. I have saved chat.