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I'm a new member. How Can I receive my promotional Code

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Hello Everybody,

I've signed up for Google Adwords Recently, I'm from Egypt. I've been acknowledged that new members can get promotional codes. But I don't know How to get one. Please tell me what to do.

Thank you,

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November 2015

Re: I'm a new member. How Can I receive my promotional Code

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Hi Eman
You'll get a promotion code from any Google partner when you sign up for their services (if they have them).

There's no automatic entitlement to one and they're not given out to everyone who signs up. It's not a standard perk that everyone gets.

A too for you though, if you sign up for a new account with Google Analytics, they sometimes email out coupons to new users there.

You might also want to check on the AdWords Facebook page, Google plus page and various display ads for AdWords throughout the Web. They're pretty easy to find and come directly from Google.

Bear in mind, you'll have to spend some money. The vouchers are a "spend x and we'll give you x" type affair so it's not a free trial if that's what you're hoping for.

Hope that puts you on the right path