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I have never felt so financially violated ever.

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A friend that owns a business that is similar to ours but at least 10x more successful recommend Adwords. I took Google up on a promotional offer of $100 if I spent $30 of my own. I spent more than 5 hours cumulatively on the phone with 2 different account representatives. I told them multiple times I only intended to spend the initial $100 + $30, and when that ran out I expected the Adwords campaign to end or stop. I stressed multiple times the gmail email address I have I only to maintain my contacts and use Google services, like Google play for phone apps and the like. When the poorly explained and setup Adwords account consumed the initial $130 it continued to rack up an additional $400+ and I did not get any notification that my credit card account was still being charged other than on the gmail account I do not use or maintain. I spent countless hours pleading my case and never got anywhere. Google finally agreed to give me the same value in Adwords that I feel I was cheated out of. Awesome business plan, change people for a non-service, then when they waste enough of their time pleading their case agree to give them that same value in the very same service that did not work for them. I have never felt so financially violated ever. There is no recourse. I even called my credit card company, and after 2 months my bank gave Google back the money because they said I checked the box that I read the terms of agreement form Google. I ultimately canceled that credit card but Google claims I still owe them and they will charge me for help to create another worthless campaign. If you ever get screwed by Google you will NOT get your money back, that check box is their golden ticket to screw you in the a$$. Now I can't pay for apps, or music or any other Google related services, because they will automatically take $400+ from me and claim to offer me a service that costs them nothing, and costs me tons of time for zero value.

Re: I have never felt so financially violated ever.

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
Hello Andy Z,

In billing settings you always choose whether you want to make one time payment or whether you want automatic payment which means Google will charge your credit card when needed. So I guess it must have been set not correctly for you.

Next thing is that if you wanted Google to stop charging your credit card, you should have stopped all the active campaigns. And that would also do the trick.

Just be more careful next timeSmiley Happy