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I had receive an email from <email edited>

[ Edited ]
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Google AdWords Outstanding Account:

USD 117.42!


Google Customer ID: <edited>  


Dear Advertiser,


This office has been instructed by Google to recover USD 117.42 in respect of your outstanding Google AdWords account, as detailed above.


This notice has been sent by a debt collection agency.


Please ensure payment is sent accordingly as further delays could result in your company incurring additional fees such as interest which could be applied to your account.

To initiate a payment:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at Log in using the registered email which was listed upon activation of the account
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. Select Make payments.
  4. If you want to change your payment method before proceeding, click the gear icon and do so from the Billing Settingspage.
  5. Choose your payment amount and enter it in the Otherline item. Please note that the minimum payment is $10, and the maximum depends on any limit enforced by your payment provider.
  6. Click Continueand follow the prompts to process the payment. Your ads will begin running (or continue running if you're refreshing your prepaid balance) once we authorize your payment. Authorization will happen quickly, although your payment may take up to 24 hours to process fully.

Please re-enter your payment details, even if they have not changed, by logging into your Google AdWords account in order to remit direct to Google your outstanding financial liability and increase your potential to secure further sales enquiries from the World’s leading search engine. Once you have updated your form of payment, your advertising campaigns will be reactivated.


If you are unable to settle this debt within 10 working days from the date of this email you are requested to contact this office with your payment proposals.


If you have any doubts about the credibility of this email please refer to the Google AdWords support service via the online AdWords Help Centre.


If you have recently settled the above account, then please disregard this notification.


Yours Faithfully,


<contact details edited>


can i trust or what i try to make the payment many times ago but it didn't work

please help


<this message has been edited by a Community Manager to remove personal details>

Re: I had receive an email from ( (

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Hi Elkhattib A,

Before you make the payment contact the Adwords support team which will assist you all the information regarding the payment either is fraud or genuine third party payment collector.

Re: I had receive an email from ( (

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Hi Jitender S
thank for being here
the Adwords support team didn't help me

Re: I had receive an email from ( (

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Hi KathleenG
instead you editing my message please answer to me
is this company work for Adwords to collect payment or not

Re: I had receive an email from ( (

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Jitender S,
Did you note that another one make edited
with no answer

Re: I had receive an email from ( (

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Hello Elkhattib, Don't about edit message, that edited message guy is Google community account manager. He/she edit the message because on community don't allow personal identification or account details like Accocunt CID etc.
Elkhattib- When you open your account in right side click gear icon where you find google help, contains all help option like Phone number, email id, chat support. contact on that Help number & clear your doubt regarding the payment.