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I got a charge from Google *Svcsapps_Mee Cc@Google.Com What is it for?

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I am paying recurring charge to Google *Svcsapps_Mee Cc@Google.Com and I am also paying app reseller for the google apps. Why do I pay twice? When I am checking my transaction history in the admin control it doesn't show that this recurring charges on my transaction.Please,advice. 

Re: I got a charge from Google *Svcsapps_Mee Cc@Google.Com What is it

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Welcome to the Adwords Forum.

You may have better luck asking your question at the Apps Help Forum!forum/apps

Doing a quick google search this came up!topic/apps/MhCw0lAJ108

it seemed potentially you may have purchased a domain name as well? Regardless you should inquire at the Apps Forum!forum/apps