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I changed my checking account number and google adsense revenue stop.

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The link I clicked on said for both adsense and adwords. Most all suggestions are about adwords leaving me to believe I may not beable to contact google adsense in this message. However I am going to try to explain adsense problem hoping someone will direct me to correct link to explain the following.


3/28/2011        $116.80    Google Ad Sense
5/26/2011        $153.80    Adsense Revenue
6/27/2011        $114.26    Google Ad Sense
8/29/2011        $182.67    Google Ad Sense
9/27/2011        $149.91    Google Ad Sense
11/25/2011       $189.14    Google Ad Sense
1/26/2012        $203.78    Adsense Revenue
2/27/2012        $138.05    Google Ad Sense
3/27/2012        $175.40    Google Ad Sense
4/25/2012        $269.87    Google Ad Sense
5/25/2012        $227.27    Google Ad Sense
6/27/2012        $167.61    Google Ad Sense
7/25/2012        $120.51    Google Ad Sense
8/22/2012        $108.67    Google Ad Sense
10/22/12         $196.07    Google EDI ?
12/24/12         $147.31    Google Ad Sense
3/22/13           $112.11    Google Ad Sense

Then on 10/14/2013 I was forced to change my checking account number due to identity fraud.

Since 10 24 2013 I have receive numerous email always to email address

Stating the following
The payment we sent for your Google AdSense earnings on Oct 24, 2013 was unsuccessful.

This occurred for the following reason:
Your bank account has been closed. Please contact your bank or credit institution to resolve the issue. You must resolve this issue in order to be paid.

To view and update your payment settings, please follow these steps:
1.    Sign in to your AdSense account at
2.    Click on "Payments" under Home tab, and then "Payment settings".
3.    Update your form of payment information.


The Google AdSense Team
Your Google AdSense ID: 6999502231
Your Billing ID: 7742-7506-6131

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message. For questions or to contact us, please visit the Google AdSense Help Center. Recently I recieved in 02 2014 this continious email. I had forgotten my password and have changed my password coutless times. When I would log into adsense the error message was always this is not your adsense password. I had all but given up trying to fix this until working on my 2013 taxes and wondering if Google adsense maybe be sending me a 1099 form for income not received but in my name, causing me new hassles with IRS. I don't have a clue what my real login and password is after opening 15-20 gmail accounts over the last few years.

Below I am listing my old business checking account name and most of account number where previous deposit has been made since 2009.
Next Wave LLC Guaranty Bank of Milwaukee
Account # 7280 08XX
I will then list new partial account name and number.
Next Wave LLC Guaranty Bank of Milwaukee
Account # 4072011XX9

If anyone will be so kind at Google to help me I would be full of joy. If this message receives no reply I will give up and move forward in 2014 and consider this a mess and not fixable.

My name is William E Erickson
alternate email is

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Re: I changed my checking account number and google adsense revenue st

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Hi William

This is adwords forum not adsense, Please follow below link for adsense support forum!forum/adsense