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I changed bank - refund?

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I have changed bank account ( I choosed another bank ), and my new credit card is not accepted by google (It's a Maestro card)..

Now which banks information should I write on the page I'm going to fax? The old account doesn't exist any-more. Both ?


Another question is what are the fees of refunding? If I would ask a friend to add his bank account details to adwords would it be cheaper than requesting refund by fax? Also Is it acceptable if I send the fax from the internet or from a public location?


Thanks for your reply!



Jozsef Kis Simonka

Re: I changed bank - refund?

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1st Question Answer : My common sense says both will be better as long as you distinguish between them.

2n Question Answer : You can ask for a refund of your money only if you Cancel Your Adwords Account.

This link probably will help.

George Gemenetzis
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