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I cannot get access to audit my spend via my account manager company

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i have a an addwords manager ,they are very expensive and we note my adds often dont show and friends have told me I am spending too much ---200k pa.

my manager will not let me see my account to check my spend or quality score ( other companies have read only access to audit accounts ) .how can  check this spend precisely , ie that it is being spent on addwords .


Re: I cannot get access to audit my spend via my account manager compa

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Wow, Glenn. That is not a good situation to be in at all! 


Is it that you don't trust your adwords manaegr / agency? This is not entirely unusual, but it is sort of odd that they won't at least let you see a report 'straight from the horses mouth', so to speak.


I take it they own the account then, and they just invoice you for clicks? If this is the case there's not much you can do to gain access to that specific account to check on these things. 


Before going down any drastic route I'd perhaps recommend that you try a strong but reasonable approach with them one last time. Such as, "Look, I don't want to interfere with the management, because that's what I pay you for, but, I need some reassurances and would like to see exactly where our money is being spend and check that our QS levels are healthy". 


Then, what can the adwords manager really say to that, other than "yes"? Any other response would raise serious alarm bells for me.


Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Jack Porter-Smith
Jack's G+