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I canceled my account and it came back live so i deposited money in it and then it went cancelled.

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I went to cancel my account because i set it up in Euros and it turns out that my money is in GBP at the moment.
So i cancelled the account which went fine.


I then went to setup another account and instead of a new one it said i already had one.

It then took me back to my account and it was back live and working fine.


So i deposited 1000 euors because it couldnt cancel and restart so i will take the hit on the currency conversion.


And then 20 minites later it said my account was cancelled even though there is 1000 euros pending deposit.


What do i do?

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Re: I canceled my account and it came back live. I want to re-cancel and get a refund

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Hello ChampagneX; welcome;


Technically, an account is not cancelled, since many, later, "regret " and want to reactivate the account,

Since you used the same email address to open a new account, the system recognized an existing (though cancelled) account, and reactivated it .

Something went wrong along the process:


You have two options:


  1. To cancel the (reactivated) account and to follow the steps of refunding the balance left (see link below) ,
    OR to reactivate it (if still cancelled) and re-cancel again, following cancellation steps that include a refund of the remaining balance.
  2. Only when step 1 completed, to open a new account, under a different email. (Note, your account MUST be cancelled before opening a new one. Otherwise, you at risk of violating the "double serving" section of AdWords policy. (One business ---->one account)
  3. Another alternative: Call Google customer service, to sort things.


To cancel an account, follow the steps in this link:


To ask for a refund, follow the steps in this link:

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Re: I canceled my account and it came back live. I want to re-cancel and get a refund

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Thanks very much for your answer.


Today there is an option showing for if i want to reinstate my account i just need to click a link.

I went ahead and clicked the link and i am just waiting for it to come back live.


I guess as i have just deposited 1000 euros i may as well stick with this account rather than refunding, closing and then opening a new account to fund again.