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I am considering canceling my ad with adwords as competotors delibertaly click on your Ad

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I am really disappointed at what this is now costing. Competitors deliberately click on your Ad so it costs you money. This is becoming a disgrace. I have spent $300 in past month because of this and not 1 call !!!! Ripped off !!!!!

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September 2015

Re: I am considering canceling my ad with adwords as competotors delibertaly click on your Ad

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Hi rocklodge!


I'm sorry to hear that you suspect invalid click activity on your account.  I'm Wyatt from the North American AdWords Support team and I'll detail a bit more information on our invalid clicks techniques below for your convenience.


First, I want to preface this entire post by saying that the fact that you haven't gotten one phone call after spending $300 is not necessarily a sign of invalid clicks.  Poor ROI (return on your investment) could have everything to do with how your account is structured, the keywords you've chosen, the quality of your website, or a host of other factors.  Thus, the first thing to evaluate before suspecting invalid clicks traffic in your account is how well your account is structured or optimized.  Check out this great article about optimizing your account to generate leads; this should help make sure that your ads and keywords are targeted to hopefully get you the best traffic possible.


Second, Google is a leader in the industry with our invalid clicks detection methods.  We've got a three-tier system in place to help protect our advertisers from this type of activity.  I'll detail a bit below, but I can't provide a whole lot of information because we don't want the individuals responsible for this type of activity to get ahead of our systems/processes.


  1. Software filter - we have an excellent software filter in place that examines and evaluates every click that is processed to your AdWords account.  If it suspects that the click is remotely invalid, we will filter it out of your account.  You are never charged for these clicks.
  2. Invalid Clicks team - we have a team in place to double-check the work that the software filter does to make sure that all of the clicks you're charged are actually valid.
  3. Reactive investigations - our support team, assuming that there's sufficient evidence, can also process an investigation for you with our invalid clicks team.  Sufficient evidence would include suspicious IP addresses, high invalid click percentages in your account, and/or some type of high frequency of click activity during certain hours of the day, among others.

Recall, that's just a brief summary of the actions Google has taken to protect our advertisers - there's a lot more that they don't even tell me!  For more detail, check out this page.


Finally, because I understand that AdWords is important for many businesses, I wanted to leave you with some awesome action items.  If you're concerned about invalid click activity, I recommend that you do the following:


  • Check the invalid click activity in your account.  This Help Center article will describe what you can do to see the invalid clicks that Google filtered out.  Remember that not all invalid clicks are malicious - someone could accidentally double click on your ad, for example, and that would be filtered out (this is detailed in the article linked in the previous sentence).
  • Optimize your AdWords account.  Once again, see this article for great tips on generating leads and narrowing the focus of your advertising campaigns to get the most qualified leads.
  • Get an IP tracker.  If you believe that after optimizing your account and checking the invalid click reports Google provides that you're still getting some invalid traffic to your site, you can search for a third-party IP tracking systems.  This will allow you to exclude specific IP addresses from being able to see your AdWords ads.  Furthermore, we would need these weblogs if you ever wanted us to file an invalid clicks investigation.

I hope you find this information useful!  Have a great rest of your week!