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How to set a campaign limit?

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We can not set-up an account since there seems to be no way to set-up a spending limit. It seems that we have to prepay, this is OK as long as we can set a campaign spending limit. Do I miss something or did Google leave this out to take advantage of users forgetting to monitor. It seems to be highly suspicious to misuse this power position of Google to trick users in paying a lot. I have a tight budget and we are a small company, how can we give google a blank check. I am probably just not know how to do it, surly Google offers a user protection and allows to set a campaign limit.

Re: How to set a campaign limit?

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Hi Richard,

It doesn't matter if you have prepaid or postpaid account. And you can easily set daily spend limit at campaign level. When creating a campaign you will get an option to set your daily budget that you want to spend. You may be charged up to 20% higher than your set budget but not more than that.

See below link how Google charges:

Do let us know if you have more queries.

Hope it helps.