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How to get my account out of suspension?

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I just started a new email address for a new adwords account with Google. Right after
entering my credit card, contact info and address, my account was suspended because
Google could not verify my billing information.


How can I prove that I am who I say I am and get my ads running? I deposited funds
on my adwords account and would hate to have to close the account or ask for a refund.


I just want the account suspension lifted.


Any advice?


JR. Hudspeth

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Re: How to get my account out of suspension?

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What was the reason for suspension?

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: How to get my account out of suspension?

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A suspended account can't be start again, you must need to fill up a form using your detail of billing your fund will be refunded.. 


Can you check it , you are running add of same country where do you live. ?

I think google make a restriction with out authority you can't run ad for other country. 


Read again google policies which is must to follow.